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Fanfiction: Slowly, Slowly - HP (Drabble)

Wow, it's been forever. I've had some major writer's block. It's just a drabble, but it's a start.

Title: Slowly, Slowly
House: Slytherin
Word Count: 100 according to Word
Character: Harry Potter, Voldemort
Rating: R, death
Challenge: For Challenge #186 "Degree" at [ profile] hp100

Harry looked down at the ground before him. His wand lay there, broken into pieces and utterly useless. He couldn’t move to pick it up even if he wanted to: he was strapped to a tree -- the biting winter wind fought with his skin.

Voldemort laughed; it was a grinding sound, unpleasant and unnatural. His red eyes seemed to glow.

“There is nothing to protect you now, boy,” he said, and promptly apparated. Harry was left alone in the cold with no coat to save him from the falling temperature. Degree by degree, he felt his own warmth leave him.

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(I'm catching up on things bookmarked, so forgive the late response, milady.)

I really liked what you did with this. To end the great Potter vs. Voldemort saga with something so normal as slowly freezing to death, rather than a huge drawn-out combat session. It's very original! :D

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Thanks, lovely! I got all curious the other day -- why does it have to end with 'avada kedavra,' you know? So I didn't end it that way.

Also, just for reference, I recently tagged everything here by fandom and 'fanfiction' or 'icons' so it's easy to go back through. I'm working on tagging by 'ship and rating as well, but that's still in the works.