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Fanfiction: Somewhere, a Clock is Ticking - Heroes - PG - Gen

Title: Somewhere, a Clock is Ticking
Author: [personal profile] whisperwords | [personal profile] megatron
Fandom: Heroes
Characters: Sylar, Claire
Rating: PG
Summary: Tick, tick, tick...
Disclaimer: Heroes is the brainchild of Tim Kring, I'm just ...borrowing.
Word Count: 326

Tick, tick... tick. Tick.

Somewhere in this building, a clock was dying. Sylar could hear it; he could hear every clock in every building within a city block, but one of them wasn't ticking steadily. One of them had been damaged.

Tick, ticktick tick, tick.

Claire had locked herself in a ninth-story office. In her haste to get away from Sylar, she'd slammed into the side of the desk and knocked the table clock from it. The face had cracked.

Tick... tick tick. Ticktitick.

It was upstairs. He calmly pushed an elevator button, frowned as the 'ding' of it revealed the car was quite a few floors away. He waited.

Tick. Tick-tick.

She tried to slow her breathing, to calm down, become quieter. She heard the elevator open. A few wobbly tick-ticks later, someone tried the door handle.

Ti-tick... tick.

A tiny yelp as he shook at the door revealed his target was hiding inside. He grinned.

Ticktick. Titick tick tick.

She saw the door frame giving way. The wood started to crack; the dark paint revealed light wood beneath as it crackled.


He heard a crash and a scream. The crash was his, the scream hers; he was quick but she was quicker. Another crash and another scream. Hers and his – she fell to the pavement nine stories down, and he screamed in rage, drowning out the broken clock.

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