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It's a pretty big icon post, though I didn't think it would be. It's whatever has been made but not posted since the last big icon post, pretty much.

There are 68 icons in total. The first three HP icons are reposts, on accident. Whoops!

Harry Potter )


Star Wars )

Dr. Who )

Firefly )

Random )

Few things:
--Comment and let me know what you think!
--Please credit [personal profile] whisperwords or [personal profile] megatron in your keywords (or keyword comments) if you use any of these.
--Do not alter textless icons -- they are not bases!


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Welcome to the fandom and design journal for [personal profile] whisperwords. Here you will find icons and fanfiction, mostly, but in the future I am hoping to add layouts. I can also be found at [ profile] whisperwords and [ profile] piratezevran.


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