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Title: Ringbearer
Words: 100
Rating: PG
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Notes: This is all Meghan's fault. She thought when I said "FAR" it was an acronym, when it wasn't, and then I came up with one off the top of my head - Frodo/Aragorn/Ring - and she dared me to write a drabble. So here's the attempt.

He could see Frodo slowly deteriorating. The chain around his neck was small and seemingly inconsequential, but Aragorn knew better. He said nothing and simply watched, the stoic companion to the Ringbearer, protecting him from a distance.

He'd only ever thought about taking the Ring once. Frodo had offered it to him just before they parted ways, and he had said no. He had passed the test, and not thought of taking it since.

He had, however, thought of Frodo, often wondering if he was still able to bear the weight of the plain silver ringbearing chain around his neck.
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Title: The Price
Words: 100
Fandom: LotR
Rating: PG

Sam didn’t know that the weight of the ring, the burden he bore, came with a price. It came with a price more than the weight on his chest; it came with a price more than the loss of Gandalf in the shadows of Moria. The price of the ring was the crawling creeping of ice, working it’s way from the place on his chest where the ring lay seemingly idle out towards his extremities.

It had frozen good people before him - frozen Smèagol, chilled Frodo. But by the time he’d figured it out, he’d begun to freeze as well.


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